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For efficient owner research, the owner search tool quickly generates an owner's complete portfolio Ownership data is frequently updated, and to ensure accuracy the property ownership records are aggregated from multiple sources: Title documents Assessment rolls Permit data Notice addresses. Owner Name.

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Please input values in both search fields. Find property owners in Maryland and access contact information.

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Create your account now. Major industry players trust PropertyShark as their data provider:. Show More. Blog Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. Customer Service Phone: Email: support propertyshark. In order to mail payments, please make checks payable and mail to Cecil County, Chesapeake Blvd.

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Payment may be made at the Cecil County Finance Office or via the internet click here. The law requires us to send tax bills directly to the property owner. If your property taxes are put in escrow by your mortgage company, please be sure your mortgage company receives a copy of the bill.

Copies of the bills are available to the mortgage companies electronically. A property Tax Credit Program is available to residential homeowners who meet certain requirements. There are also exemptions available to certain disabled people.

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For further information, please contact the State Department of Assessments and Taxation at or email at sdat. The State Department of Assessments and Taxation determines the taxable assessment of your real property. Effective July 1, , the taxable assessment will be the full cash value determined by the Assessor's Office. It is important to verify any assessment notice s received from SDAT for accuracy as there is only a limited time to appeal.

For more information, please call or email at sdat. Tax rates are set by the County Council each fiscal year. Properties with delinquent real estate taxes may be sold at tax sale each year. Please pay your taxes in a timely manner to avoid this costly and inconvenient situation.

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The construction was substantially completed after the July or August tax billing, but before the following January 1. This bill is assessed in January and is for 6 months a half-year taxes on the assessment increase due to the completion or substantial completion of your project. The City Council is considering establishing a different tax rate for commercial property that would go into effect on July, The Council is now considering ways to cover the lost revenue, and one possibility is through a higher commercial real property tax rate.

Yes, currently all real property in Takoma Park is taxed at the same rate.

Most of the land in the city is residential, generally single family homes. The impact of the new commercial property tax rate on individual businesses would vary depending on several factors. To see how the change is expected to impact businesses of different types and sizes, check the chart that the City Manager presented to Council on September 19, The City Council is tentatively scheduled to consider an increase in the commercial real property tax at their meeting on December 5, for a possible January decision.

If passed, the new commercial real property tax would go into effect July 1, How do you think commercial properties should be defined by the City Council? Should the proposed commercial property tax rate be applied to all commercial properties, regardless of their size or assessed value? Are there other options the City Council should consider to make up the revenue lost with the elimination of the inventory tax?