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As you can see here, there should be three layers — your Background image, then your two gradient layers. Click OK. Use the drop down menu to adjust each color channel. You will want to use a slight S-curve on the Red and Green channels. You will click and drag a point on the left side of the curve slightly below the diagonal line.

You have the option to reduce the Opacity of this layer. You can also add a Fill Layer of a solid color in order to give an over-all color tint to the photo.

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In your Layers Palette, set the blending mode to Exclusion, and reduce the opacity until the tint is more subtle. As with each step, adjust the opacity to taste.

One final step that we will discuss is a Gradient Map. Gradient Maps will slightly mute the tones of your photo, and will also add more contrast , which are both elements that are characteristic of a vintage photo effect. Your image will immediately turn a strange black and white. These are four simple steps will help you achieve a fantastic vintage photo effect.

But be sure to play around with different color fills, blending modes and opacities, because they will vary from photo to photo, and also depending on the look you have in mind. Do you have any questions or comments about creating a Vintage Photo Effect in Photoshop? Leave us a comment below - we would love to hear from you! And please share our tutorial using the social sharing buttons we really appreciate it!

Find out with this incredible vintage action.

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  • Shoot in Natural Light.

This action is created using old charcoal and watercolor scans that result in an amazing effect. Download this action to get access to 16 different color variations. Merge your love of old photos with a quick sketch effect with this awesome action. Tested on multiple versions of Photoshop for your convenience, this action includes 10 total color effects.

Simply run the action after you open your photo to save hours of work! Create luxury photo effects with this incredible collection of Photoshop actions. This pack features five professional actions located in one organized file.

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Give Your Photos a Vintage Look With These 4 Retro Edits

Download today to get access to an additional help file for more instructions. Are you a fan of retro films? Then showcase your love of this vintage art form with these incredible Photoshop actions. Inspired by vintage film like Fujifilm and more, this pack comes complete with 10 total actions.

Old Photograph Texture in Photoshop

Create non-destructive photo effects easily with this essential action pack. Let us know in the comments what you thought of this video and what else you'd like to see explained in 60 seconds! Save Now. Subscribe Sign In.

2. Play with grain.

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  7. Computer Skills. Learning Guides. Photoshop in 60 Seconds: Vintage Filter Effect Vintage photos take us back in time to a whole different world. If you want to create vintage and retro effects quickly, using one-click Photoshop actions, see this roundup of the best ones out there: Photoshop Actions.

    10 Great Tips for Creating Vintage-Look Images | B&H Explora

    Melody Nieves. I love to paint, design, and photo manipulate in Adobe Photoshop while helping others learn too. Follow me on Instagram or tweet me MelloNieves and tell me what you'd like to see next!

    Photo Editing. Simplified

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