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Create an online profile of Mary so that her life is remembered forever. This genealogy profile is dedicated to the life and ancestry of Mary Hutcherson and her immediate Hutcherson family. We currently do not have photos of Mary Hutcherson.

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Below are potential family photos that share Mary's last name or surname. Pictures really do say a thousand words. Add photos of Mary during various points of her life. When elections were held in and a rigged election kept Diaz in office. The uprising began - and lasted for another 10 years. She was the first woman to hold an elected Federal office.

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Holding the office for two years, she ran again in and served another two year term. Montana had granted women unrestricted voting rights in , 6 years before women got the vote nationally. His gang had robbed banks and police stations, among other charges, and he was being hunted by J. A madam from a brothel in which he was hiding became an informer for the FBI and, after a shootout with FBI agents, Dillinger was shot and died. Saying that they believed it to be a U. All passengers including a U. Representative from Georgia and crew were killed. Symbolics, Inc.

The company no longer exists and the domain name was sold 25 years later. Did she get married and did they have children? You can add or remove people from Mary's family tree by clicking here. This obit of Mary Hutcherson is updated by the community. Edit this biography to contribute to her obituary. Include details such as cemetery, burial, newspaper obituary and grave or marker inscription if available. What do you remember about Mary Hutcherson? Share your memories of special moments and stories you have heard about her.

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People Photos. Mary Hutcherson.

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  5. Summary 2. Obituary 5. Family Photos 6. Share a Memory 7. Additional Records 8. Add a photo Edit this bio Show other Mary Hutchersons.

    Mary Hutcherson - Mary Hutcherson was born on August 11, She died in January at 74 years of age. COM View birth records. COM View 90 death records. What schools or universities did Mary attend? Add education. Professions Share what Mary did for a living or if she had a career or profession. Add Profession. Organizations Add organizations, groups and memberships. Military Service It is unknown if Mary Hutcherson is a military veteran. Middle name Unknown. Add middle name Maiden name Unknown.

    Add maiden name Surnames Hutcherson family history. Family Photos. Luetta Hutcherson, IN. Kenneth Hutcherson, c Elmo Hutcherson, OH. William Boyd Hutcherson, OH. Frank Hutcherson, KY c John William Hutcherson, KY 's. Mary Hutcherson Family Tree. Using the contingency table described above we first log-transformed each rate and then we iteratively subtracted the median value of each row and column.

    The median polish helps isolate the cohort effect from the additive age and period effects in the contingency table data. Finally, a simple linear regression of residuals from the median polish analysis on the cohort identifier is performed to quantify the cohort effects Keyes and Li The multiphase method is described in detail elsewhere Keyes and Li , To corroborate the results from the multiphase method, we analyzed the data using the intrinsic estimator method, which allows to estimate unique parameters for age, period, and cohort by removing the influence of the design matrix on coefficient estimates Yang et al.

    This estimable functions yield robust estimates of disease trends by age, period, and cohort and uniquely determines the coefficient estimates Yang et al. In the 50 states and the District of Columbia from to there were a total of 1,, fatal motor vehicle crashes recorded in the FARS. Motorcyclists meeting our case definition were involved in , 9. Of them, Of the , male motorcyclist fatalities, In comparison, From to , annual mortality rates from motorcycle crashes per , population decreased The graphical presentation of the data suggested a polynomial age and period effect overall, and a moderate cohort effect among the baby-boomer sub-cohorts Fig.

    The increase in mortality rates was present across these sub-cohorts of baby-boomers as they aged. At age 20—24 years, the sub-cohorts born between — and — had the highest mortality rate compared to later birth cohorts Fig. These baby-boomers appeared to have increased mortality rates at older ages as well. For instance, at age 50—54 years, the sub-cohort of — had more than four times the mortality rate compared to those born in — Fig.

    A linear regression of median polish residuals on cohort category quantified the magnitude of the cohort effect Additional file 2 : Table S1. The baby-boomer sub-cohorts born between — and — had statistically significantly higher mortality rate ratios, 1. A stratified analysis by gender showed that the cohort effect ascribed to baby-boomers was stronger in women than in men. The female baby-boomer sub-cohorts of — and — had 1. Results from the intrinsic estimator method showed a similar cohort effect pattern Additional file 3 : Figure S2 , a significant higher risk for the 15—39 age groups Additional file 4 : Figure S3 and an upwards period effect since Additional file 5 : Figure S4.

    In this study we used the multiphase method to assess the cohort effect of the baby-boomer generation in motorcycle crash mortality in the United States from to Our results indicate that after removing the additive effects of age and period, the — and — birth sub-cohorts had experienced significantly higher mortality from motorcycle crashes than those born between — Similar findings were reported by Langley et al.

    However, our results were specific to fatalities in two sub-cohorts of the baby-boomers cohort, while Langley and colleagues reported an increased motorcycle injury fatal and non-fatal risk compared to other birth cohorts Langley et al. Our analysis also suggested a protective cohort effect for cohorts born after when compared to the reference cohort. However, these results need to be interpreted with caution as the contingency table provides fewer data points for oldest and youngest cohorts located at the extremes of the table.

    The excess mortality risk from motorcycle crashes in baby-boomers is likely a function of increased exposure to motorcycling.

    Mary Hutcherson Biography & Family History

    Many baby-boomers have experienced characteristic changes of their preferred mode of transportation. The oil embargo of the s, which brought price controls, rationing, and a quadrupling of gas prices in just a few months, prompted baby-boomers to alternate forms of transportation, including motorcycles, when they were young McGuckin and Lynott Recently, ownership and mortality data suggest that there is renewed interest among baby-boomers in driving motorcycles Morris ; Shankar and Varghese Baby-boomers as a whole also have a higher level of disposable income than other birth cohorts, which enables them to afford the motorcycle ownership and embrace the motorcycle culture at the retirement age.

    This economic factor is used by the motorcycle industry to target baby-boomers for expanding the motorcycle sales Maynard ; Sizemore Our analysis also revealed that the baby-boomer effect in motorcycle crash mortality appeared to be more pronounced in women than in men. The sex-cohort interaction on motorcycle crash mortality is likely multifactorial. It is plausible that exposure to motorcycling in female baby-boomers might be more prevalent than in other female cohorts and that the difference in exposure prevalence between baby-boomers and other cohorts might be greater in women than in men.

    There are several notable limitations with our study. First, we were unable to account for miles travelled per driver by age group. The cohort effect found in our analysis might be explained by baby-boomers consistently traveling more miles per driver when compared to other birth cohorts McGuckin and Lynott Second, our analysis did not take into consideration any risk-taking behavior, such as alcohol and drug use, speeding, and not wearing helmets.

    Future research may help determine the relative contributions of exposure to motorcycling and specific risk-taking behaviors to the observed cohort effect in motorcycle mortality ascribed to baby-boomers.

    Age-Period-Cohort Analysis | Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health

    Implementation of mandatory courses for re-entry riders and continuing road safety training for older adult riders may help recognize and mitigate risks associated with cognitive and health declines during the process of aging, such as increased medication use, frailty and fragility, and reduce motorcycle crash mortality. American Motorcyclist Association. Accessed 2 Mar Temporal trends in motor vehicle fatalities in the United States, to - a joinpoint regression analysis. Inj Epidemiol.

    The age-period cohort problem: set identification and point identification. The Institute for Fiscal Studies. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Motorcycle and ATVs. Accessed 15 February Road Safety Annual Report Accessed 4 March Father given name surname year Mother given name surname year Spouse Angelo Joseph Scopel year. Hazel Lucile Keyes found in 2 trees View all. Hazel Doreen Keyes found in 1 tree View all. Hazel Keyes found in 17 trees View all. Hazel Keyes from tree Hill Family Tree.