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Las Vegas weddings * Per Nevada law, we may issue a marriage license to couples with Whoever performs your marriage ceremony has, by law, ten (10) days to submit documentation to the Clark County Recorder's Office for your There is no waiting period to get married after the marriage license has been issued.

However there are still plenty of people in third world countries where they live off only what they can produce.

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Ultimately, the less dependent you are on technology, the better. But we are way past that point now. Someone told me a while ago that the great inventions that propelled human life forward were virtually all done between roughly and All we have done since is refine the inventions, for instance our beloved tinterne is based on the phone network and even wi-fi is only radio waves: sure, they have been fashioned into a new use but all we do, maybe for a long time to come, will be based on those 75 years.

Kurzweil is a fraud, but the idea of living forever is mesmerizing to the giant Godless egos in the cult.

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It may be entirely possible that the aging clock there is one will be turned off, but that clock is not the life clock, which is a different safeguard against immortality. It is. The fact is, if I knew I was going to live a few hundred years looking good, nothing would ever get done.

Life is an audition. I saw a show on a turtle conservation project in the South. They capture the turtles, measure, inspect and make sure they are healthy. Some snapper get quite big. They caught one that weighed pounds. They found in it a musket ball that they dated from around the Civil War. If human lifespan stretched to years old, a lot less would get done.

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No one would be in much of a hurry. A flashing light in their hand signaled their time was up. In the year the lifespan of an American male was 40 years and death was due largely to infection. Antibiotics changed that, and as we near the end of effective antibiotics perhaps we will live shorter lives again.

We have had a good run. I love how we assume technological man is immune to magical thinking. Travel in India sometime — the Computer Science PhD who has your job, and upon whom the grid depends, routinely consults astrologers the biggest of whom live like rock stars. The only difference between East and West is the smell and not for long. Hopefully as a singularaitish post human android in the shiny happy future i will be able to spell my own name right on the first try.

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Meh, none of the futurists ever see a future with people like me innit anyhow. The rest of us, probably not so much. If people are willing to fight tooth and nail for material wealth, imagine the battles for an extended lifespan. No real need to pay off all that pesky debt, right? That pesky debt is meant to fund immortality, after they provision the luxury survival bunkers. Perhaps the Public Protestants are repeating an old theme. The funny thing about this is that I read alot of futurists too. And seems to be their consensus prediction by when the human race will be extinct.

A part of my insane young brain was disappointed that the war was too easy and that we never got the glory of the real war with the Soviets. I would pay a lot of money to get my year-old body back. It was fun being insane and chasing glory.

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He is known to you as his pen name; Voltaire. Voltaire had brilliant wit and used it to analyze everything from your everyday problems to politics and law. Voltaire is by many regarded as the voice of the enlightenment. When reading up on Voltaire I came across over hundreds of quotes said by this one guy, that I find amazing.

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How did this guy ever have the time to sleep? He did not just say smart things, he did also write one of the most influential literary works in the history of time; Candide. As the quote machine he was chose he sad many wise words but I found one quote more interesting than the rest of them. I think that it is a very reflecting quote, and I believe that he has a point. Think about Sir Isaac Newton and his discovery of gravity. He did not discover it because he had all the right answers; it was because he asked the right questions.

Why do the apple fall down from the tree he wondered, and then he used his brilliant brain to work out a theory on universal gravitation. It all started with the question.

Do not judge one if you do not know the person in question, because you will almost certain get the wrong impression of the person. But as judging goes it is better to judge one by the questions rather than answers, because without the questions you have no answers. With questions come knowledge and with knowledge come the answers.

That is why the questions say more about one than the answers he or she has. What about Voltaire then? I said before that he was a satirist. You might ask what that is, what is satire? Satire often involves ironic and sarcasm, often with wit, making it very funny. That makes Voltaire in my mind a very cool philosopher.

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What do you think of satire, do you enjoy it as much as I do when shows like Family Guy makes fun of celebrities? Are you interested in the art of satire? Axel von Fersen was a Swedish nobleman born in Stockholm. When he was 18 years old he travelled to Versailles in France during an educational travel, and met the Crown Princess of France, Marie-Antoinette, at a prom. She was also eighteen years old. Nothing happened that time, but four years later he returned to Versailles, and they started out on an affair. As she at that time had become the Queen of France, it was risky to have an affair, and many thought it was inappropriate.

Therefore, Fersen joined the French army to protect Maire-Antoinette. He was sent to the American Revolutionary War at an age of 23 years, and despite his young age he got a high ranking. After four years of battling for the Northern States, he returned to France and continued his affair with the queen.

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Fersen was invited to the prom held at the end of his visit, and nine months later Marie-Antoinette gave birth to her first son, Louis Charles. The French Revolution stood and waited around the corner. During some years Fersen travelled a lot between Sweden and France. When he was in France he was one of those who stood closest to the Royal Family, and he helped out planning their escape.