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Where execution issues within ten years as aforesaid, other executions may be issued on such judgment within ten years from the return day of the last execution issued thereon, on which there is no return by an officer, or which has been returned unsatisfied. But if such action, suit or scire facias be against the personal representative of a decedent, it shall be brought within five years from the qualification of such representative. No execution shall issue, nor any action, suit or scire facias be brought on any judgment in this state after the time prescribed in the preceding section, except that in computing the time, any time during which the right to sue out execution on the judgment is suspended by the terms thereof, or by legal process, shall be omitted from the computation; and sections fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and eighteen, article two, chapter fifty-five of this code shall apply to the right to bring such action, suit or scire facias, in like manner as to any right, action, suit or scire facias mentioned in those sections; and except that when the judgment is for a sum ascertained, and such further sums as may be afterwards assessed, or be found due upon a scire facias assigning a further breach, as provided in section thirty, article six, chapter fifty-six of this code, such scire facias may be brought within ten years after such breach.

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Effect of decrees and orders; enforcement. Decree or order for payment of money; enforcement by execution. Meaning of word "judgment. Abstracts of judgments; damages or penalty for failure of clerk or justice to deliver. Docketing abstracts of judgments; indexing; damages or penalty for failure of clerk to perform duties.

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Lien of judgment on real estate. Judgment lien not good as against bona fide purchasers unless docketed, etc. Notation of executions on judgment lien docket. Enforcement of judgment lien by suit. Same -- Parties. Same -- Publication of notice to lienholders. Same -- Duties of commissioner. Same -- Confirmation of report; decree of rental or sale and distribution.

Tax Liens: Are There Other Liens On The Property?

Same -- Judgment against debtor pending suit. Some nonconsensual liens are issued by courts.

What is a lien?

An attachment lien A judicial lien imposed to preserve property during litigation. To obtain an attachment lien, the plaintiff must show that the defendant likely will dispose of or hide his property; if the court agrees with the plaintiff, she must post a bond and the court will issue a writ of attachment to the sheriff, directing the sheriff to seize the property.

Attachments of real property should be recorded. Should the plaintiff win her suit, the court issues a writ of execution, directing the sheriff to sell the property to satisfy the judgment.

Enforcing judgment liens against real estate

A judgment lien A lien imposed to secure payment of a judgment owing. A particularly difficult problem crops up when the owner has paid the contractor, who in turn fails to pay his subcontractors. To protect themselves, owners can demand a sworn statement from general contractors listing the subcontractors used on the job, and from them, owners can obtain a waiver of lien rights before paying the general contractor. Anyone claiming a lien against real estate must record a lien statement stating the amount due and the nature of the improvement. The lienor has a specified period of time e.

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Recording as such does not give the lienor an automatic right to the property if the debt remains unpaid. All states specify a limited period of time, usually one year, within which the claimant must file suit to enforce the lien. Liens and the Collection Process. A lien attaches to all proceeds if you sell your property.

When the Creditor Gets a Lien Against Your Property |

If you die, the property becomes part of your estate. A lien remains attached to the property. If there are multiple owners, the lien only affects the person whose name is on the lien. If you own as a joint tenant, and the other joint tenant dies, the lien on the deceased owner ends. If you own as tenants in common, and the other tenant dies, their share of the property goes to the heirs.

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The lien remains attached to the property. Contact Info Email.