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Clear Your Criminal Record Or Expungement

Even if you did not receive deferred adjudication probation, you may now be eligible to have your public criminal record erased. You are generally only able to have misdemeanor offenses removed from your record if the case was dismissed or if you were found not guilty of the offense. You may now be eligible to clear this from your record. Many common misdemeanors will be eligible for this new procedure, including:.

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Make sure you take advantage of this by contacting criminal defense attorney J. Michael Price II. Mike provides a no-cost case evaluation where he will let you know if you are eligible to clear your criminal record under the new Texas law. Removing a Misdemeanor Conviction from Your Record in Dallas Clearing your record of a misdemeanor conviction may now be possible. The Texas Department of Public Safety reminds readers that if they do not have any convictions, they may be able to expunge their records and delete any evidence of the arrests.

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If the courts found you guilty but you completed deferred adjudication, you can apply for non-disclosure and hide the record from the general public. You may be able to clear an arrest from your record through a process called expunction if:.

Getting your record expunged can be an important step to clear your record of criminal charges. Speak to our Dallas expungement lawyer at the Law Offices of Robert Gregg to learn whether your record can be cleared. Get in touch with us today to schedule a FREE consultation.

Clearing Your Criminal Or Public Arrest Record

Call Expungements provide a legal remedy to clear your criminal history from your record. Once your record is expunged, you no longer need to tell potential employers about your criminal history and your conviction will not be visible to local, state, and federal authorities. It will be as though the criminal charge never existed.

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Not everyone is eligible to get your record expunged, but we recommend that you consult with us to see if you meet Texas' requirements for expungements. If you entered into a plea bargain agreement that included deferred prosecution, the courts likely dismissed your case.

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That means you are eligible for expunction once you have completed the diversion program. If you were involved in a Class C misdemeanor case, your record is eligible for expunction. However, if you received a felony conviction or a Class A or Class B misdemeanor, you can only seal the record. Non-disclosure seals your record from public view, and expunction deletes it entirely from existence. You may petition for a court order of nondisclosure if you pled guilty or no contest to an offense and have successfully completed deferred adjudication community supervision.

There is a five-year waiting period for felonies and a two-year waiting period for serious misdemeanors.


Additionally, most misdemeanor convictions are eligible for sealing. If your punishment consisted of a fine only, there is no waiting period.

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Otherwise, you must wait two years after you have successfully completed all terms of your sentence to apply to have your record sealed. An order of nondisclosure will seal your criminal record.

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Certain criminal justice agencies will then be prevented from disclosing your criminal history record information to the public. You must file a petition for expunction or nondisclosure in the district court for the county in which you were arrested or in which the offense occurred.

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  • Cleaning up a criminal history can be complicated, and the law can change at any time. If you are not sure whether your record qualifies for expungement in Texas—or for advice about your personal situation—you should contact a qualified criminal law attorney. A good lawyer can guide you each step of the way. The information provided on this site is not legal advice, does not constitute a lawyer referral service, and no attorney-client or confidential relationship is or will be formed by use of the site.