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Ferdinand, however, was not prepared to accept the pre-Napoleonic situation, in which Naples was a feudal subject of the papacy. Lengthy, detailed, and acrimonious negotiations ensued. In , a new concordat with the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies committed the pope to the suppression of more than fifty small dioceses in the kingdom.

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Sorrento was left with only one suffragan, the diocese of Castellamare. That situation persisted down until the final overthrow of the Bourbon monarchy in In , the Bourbon monarchy in the south of Italy and Sicily was permanently suppressed, and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies became part of the Savoyard Kingdom of Italy.

Many of the clergy in the south followed the lead of Pius IX in resisting the king of Turin, who had annexed the entire Papal States, with the exception of the city of Rome. Following the Second Vatican Council , and in accordance with the norms laid out in the Council's decree, Christus Dominus chapter 40, [10] major changes were made in the ecclesiastical administrative structure of southern Italy. Wide consultations had taken place with the bishops and other prelates who would be affected.

Three ecclesiastical provinces were abolished entirely: those of Conza, Capua, and Sorrento. A new ecclesiastical province was created, to be called the Regio Campana, whose Metropolitan was the Archbishop of Naples. The archbishop of Sorrento continued to enjoy the title of Archbishop, but he was no longer a metropolitan archbishop.

On 18 February , the Vatican and the Italian State signed a new and revised concordat, which was accompanied in the next year by enabling legislation. According to the agreement, the practice of having one bishop govern two separate dioceses at the same time, aeque personaliter , was abolished. The Vatican continued consultations which had begun under Pope John XXIII for the merging of small dioceses, especially those with personnel and financial problems, into one combined diocese.

The seat of the diocese was to be in Sorrento, and the cathedral of Sorrento was to serve as the cathedral of the merged diocese. The cathedral in Castellamare was to become a co-cathedral, and the cathedral Chapter was to be a Capitulum Concathedralis.

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There was to be only one diocesan Tribunal, in Sorrento, and likewise one seminary, one College of Consultors, and one Priests' Council. The territory of the new diocese was to include the territory of the former dioceses of Sorrento and of Castellamare.

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    Archidioecesis Surrentina-Castri Maris o Stabiensis. Renatus of Sorrento 5th century [14] Quingesius attested [15] Valerius ? Rosarius attested [17] Athanasius 6th century? Joannes attested , , [19] Amandus — [20] Baculus 7th century [21] Hyacinthus attested [22] Stephanus attested [23] Sergius c. Maraldus attested [25] Joannes attested — [26] Barbatus attested [27] Urso attested [28] Philippus attested [29] Alferius died [30] Petrus c.

    Guilelmus de Aleyraco —? Franciscus de Fulgineo, O. David M. Retrieved February 29, Gabriel Chow. Neapoli , typ. Francisci Sauij. Synodus dioecesana ab illustrissimo, et reverendissimo domino Gabriele Papa, archiepiscopo Surrentino celebrata in metropolitana ecclesia Surrentina feria 3. Naples: ex typographia Francisci Fernandes. Tomus decimus quintus Rome: typographia Reverendae Camerae Apostolicae.

    Therefore, in order to accomplish these aims this sacred synod decrees as follows: 1 The boundaries of ecclesiastical provinces are to be submitted to an early review and the rights and privileges of metropolitans are to be defined by new and suitable norms. Therefore dioceses which are now directly subject to the Apostolic See and which are not united to any other are either to be brought together to form a new ecclesiastical province, if that be possible, or else attached to that province which is nearer or more convenient.

    They are to be made subject to the metropolitan jurisdiction of the bishop, in keeping with the norms of the common law.


    The evidence is entirely hagiographical. Lanzoni, p. Kehr, p. Zatta , p. He died on 13 April Ughelli, p. Capasso, p. Gams, p. Leipzig: S. Capasso, pp. Eubel I, p. Camera, p. Matteo was a councilor and Almoner of Robert, King of Naples — Eubel I, pp. He died in Eubel II, pp. He died in ; on 3 August he was still alive, according to a document quoted by Capasso. On 9 October Vicars are mentioned during the Sede vacante. Eubel II, p. He died in , according to Eubel; but Capasso cites a notarized document of November issued in the name of Bishop Menelaus. He had been a Canon of Ilerda Spain. Eubel Hierarchia catholica III, p.

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