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The coding for your website allows you to include meta data, which is important keyword information about your business.

The keywords you include can help a potential customer find your website in a search engine query. Though your business name, type, and location are important, it can be even more helpful to combine them in potential search terms. Tax is a greater Dallas CPA specializing in personal income tax returns.

Remember, the more you can localize your keywords, the better the results will be. Whenever we talk about keywords, keep in mind we are generally talking about the tags on your page for the search engines. But, when writing content that includes keywords, use them sparingly, and only when natural. Google's updates have created some serious smart algorithms to detect what your site is all about, especially if you write top quality content. So, write something useful, not something designed for SEO.

Remember that your website is a marketing tool. Be sure to let potential customers know how they can contact you. On every web page on your site, include your address, phone number, and email address that can be used to contact you. Building that trust can also encourage your visitors to link your website on chat boards and other social media.

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Google is synonymous with the most popular search engine for researching information, people, and businesses. Google Local is the business center directory created by Google to work in conjunction with Google Maps. Searchers utilize Google Maps to find services or products in their area, and they are presented with a directory list with pinpoints on the map.

Will they find your business? Make sure you submit your business information to Google Local. A Google Local listing is completely free and allows you to include important business information, such as your address, contact phone, and hours of operation. You can even create and submit coupons that customers can redeem when they find your business on Google Maps. In addition, you can update your listing at any time to ensure all information and specials are current.

How to Promote a Website with these 15 Sites

There are hundreds of business directories on the web, the modern version of the paper-bound Yellow Pages. Some directories are more prominent than others, and some charge fees.

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Backlinks play an important role in your SEO efforts, and these backlinks can help your website appear near the top of search results for your targeted keywords. Backlinks have been plagued lately by the updates made by Google, but that doesn't mean good links are not still beneficial to your website, so when looking to submit your business to directories, ONLY look for QUALITY sites with excellent reputations. It is wise to regularly monitor what consumers are saying about your business on review sites.

As mentioned above, almost every city has a business directory, and most of these directories also allow visitors to write and post a review of any listing. Other sites like Travelocity.


Google, meanwhile, has the potential to throw a wrench in the whole thing. The company has been making steady progress on its own local search products, harnessing the power of its Google Plus network to source original reviews and ratings of businesses.

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Indeed, the industry's heavy reliance on Google makes algorithm changes like Panda 4. More importantly, however, both companies need to focus on diversifying from Google and increasing the power of their brands. Yelp is doing much better than yellow pages On both accounts, Yelp is doing better than yellow pages at diversifying and establishing its brand.

If you look at the Google Trends chart for both "yellow pages" and "Yelp," it becomes quite clear Yelp has taken a substantial lead over the standby business directory in the last couple years. Yelp overtook yellow pages in Source: Google Trends. Yelp is doing a great job of positioning its brand as the place to go online for local business information.

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YP, as a result, has fallen out of favor. This means YP is more heavily reliant on organic search results to drive traffic to its site, whereas Yelp can rely on certain visitors typing in the "yelp. Moreover, Yelp has taken steps to diversify away from Google. The company announced partnerships with Yahoo! Additionally, the company works with Apple to provide local business results in its Maps application, which is built into the millions of iPhones used every day.

Avoiding the same fate as yellowpages. To be sure, the company will see a decrease in traffic due to the decline in visibility on Google and its heavy reliance on search engine traffic. This risk isn't unique to YP, of course, as the entire Internet yellow pages industry relies heavily on search traffic. Yelp and Angie's List are also very dependent on Google for traffic.

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Yelp, however, is taking the necessary steps to establish its brand, generate valuable and unique content, and diversify its risk from Google. While no one can say for certain that Yelp is safe from Google, it's certainly in a better position than YP. Jun 11, at PM.

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