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Las Vegas weddings * Per Nevada law, we may issue a marriage license to couples with Whoever performs your marriage ceremony has, by law, ten (10) days to submit documentation to the Clark County Recorder's Office for your There is no waiting period to get married after the marriage license has been issued.

Schedule family discussions, ensure everyone is aware and prepared in the event an identity thief strikes. The identity theft information included in this circular was compiled from materials obtained from the following:. Do you have an internship program? What LAPD programs are available for teenagers? What can I do about graffiti? How do I get a restraining order? Links to websites outside of lapdonline. Enlaces a sitios web fuera de lapdonline. Los Angeles Police Department. The crime of identity theft is described in the California Penal Code as follows: Section Now more sophisticated means are commonly used: Accessing your credit report fraudulently by posing as an employer, loan officer or landlord and ordering a copy; Stealing mail from your mailbox to obtain newly issued credit cards, bank and credit card statements, pre-approved credit offers, or tax information, and; Dumpster diving in your trash containers for discarded credit card and loan applications.

To reduce the amount of personal information that is in circulation consider the following: Remove your name from the marketing lists of the three major credit reporting bureaus, i. This will limit the number of pre-approved offers of credit that you receive. These offers, if thrown away in the trash, are potential targets of identity thieves who will use them to order credit cards using your identity. By doing this, your name is added to computerized name deletion lists used by nationwide marketers.

Have your name and address removed from telephone books and reverse directories.

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Install a locked mailbox at your residence or business to reduce mail theft or use a post office box. When you order new checks, do not have them sent to your home address. Have them sent to a post office box or arrange to pick them up at your bank. When you pay bills, do not place the envelopes containing your checks in your home mailbox for the letter carrier to pick up.

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If stolen, your checks can be altered and cashed by identity thieves. It is best to mail your checks and other sensitive mail at the post office rather than your home or neighborhood mailbox. Write checks with a fine-point permanent marker.

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Pay bills with an electronic bill payment service. Reduce the number of credit cards you actively use to a bare minimum. Carry only one or two credit cards in your wallet. Cancel all unused credit card accounts. Even though you do not use these accounts, account numbers are recorded in your credit report along with other data that can be used by identity thieves.

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Do the same with your bank accounts. Never give out your credit card number or other personal information over the telephone, unless you have a trusted business relationship with the person or company and you have initiated the telephone call.

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Identity thieves have been known to call their victims with a fake story that goes something like this, "Today is your lucky day! All we need is your credit card number and expiration date to verify you as the lucky winner. Make sure that you recognize every line of information established in your file. Always take credit card receipts with you.

Never throw them in a public trash container. Watch the mail when you expect a new or reissued credit card to arrive.

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  4. Contact the issuer if the card does not arrive. When creating a password or Personal Identification Number PIN , do not use the last four digits of your social security number, date of birth, middle name, the name of your family pet, consecutive numbers of anything else that could easily be discovered by identity thieves. Ask your financial institution to add extra security protection to your account.

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    Most will allow you to use an additional code a number or word when assessing your account. Memorize all your passwords. Do not record them on anything in your wallet or purse. Protect your social security number. Release it only when absolutely necessary tax forms, employment records, most banking, stock and property transactions.

    The social security number is the key to your credit and bank accounts and is a prime target of identity thieves. Do not have your social security number printed on your checks. Do not let merchants write your social security number on your checks because of the risk of fraud.

    Carefully review your credit card statements for unauthorized use. Do not throw pre-approved credit offers in the trash or in a recycling container without first shredding them. The discarded credit offers can be used by identity thieves to order credit cards in your name and to have the credit cards mailed to their address. Do the same with other sensitive information like credit card receipts. Home shredders can be purchased at many office supply stores.

    Demand financial institutions to adequately safeguard your data. Request a special password that only you would know. Memorize all passwords. Discourage your bank from using the last four digits of the social security number as the PIN they assign to customers. When you fill out loan applications, find out how the company disposes of them. Some car dealerships, department stores, car rental agencies, and video stores have been known to be careless with customer applications.

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    When you pay by credit card, ask the business how it stores and disposes of the transaction slip. Avoid paying by credit card if you think the business does not use adequate safeguards. Q — I have not been called by a detective. A — You will not get a call by a detective unless the case is assigned and the detective needs additional information from you.

    Q — I need to add additional information to my report. How do I add the information? A — You can add a supplemental report to your case online. Be sure to click the supplemental button, and put in your report number. You may even add to a report that was not originally done online. A — The Financial Crimes Unit does not have sufficient staff to assign all cases.

    The supervisor reviews reports to determine if a case will be assigned. Factors that are considered are dollar loss, if the crime is involved in a crime pattern, if the suspect is a known fraud suspect, and investigation leads. Q — What can I do to enhance my chances of my case being assigned? A — Provide supporting documents and evidence. We need specific information to obtain evidence from the companies, so it is best to give us copies of your rejection letters, credit cards so we have all the information we need. PC Some companies require their own forms or specific documents in addition to the release form, or they will give us no information.

    The affidavit can be theirs, or any other affidavit. Menu If you have a life-threatening emergency, please dial In most cases, issues can be reported and resolved using our FresGo app or call center. You are here Steps to take if you become a victim of identity theft. Click here for specific information and forms 3. We cannot tell what is fraudulent or accurate, but you can.

    Do not use highlighters as it does not copy.