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When your results are available you receive an email so you can view your results online. With about 11 billion resources at your disposal, you can look through birth, death, marriage, military and other records easily and quickly. Archives has been a part of Ancestry. You have to pay for a membership, but it's a lot more reasonable than some of the other websites we tested, and you get access to more than 10 billion pages of records such as maps, photos and even architectural drawings.

You can search for a person by name and then narrow that search by adding in more detail like their birthdate, residence and when they died, but we'll admit having all this information in front of you can be a little overwhelming. If you have a very common last name like Johnson or Smith, you'll need as many details about family members as you can get to help narrow the search. While Archives is great for supplementary research, you can also use it to build a family tree. We didn't get any hints from the family tree function in our tests, so that means you'll need to search for data and then upload the information yourself.

This website lacks an app or DNA kits, but it has a lot of searchable data and documents that are great for genealogy research. FindMyPast is easy to use, pulling from a plethora of historical records to give even the most novice researcher results right away. While some websites require users manually enter all their own data, FindMyPast shows you hints with information about potential relatives as soon as you input information. If you're unsure, there is a "maybe" option. Even though this website requires a paid subscription, it's worth it to easily build your family tree when you're starting from scratch.

We compared genealogy websites simply by using them. This meant 12 hours of research, several phone calls to our family members and a couple calls to customer service. If a subscription is required, we got the top-tier membership and used every feature of the website we could find. This meant entering in the names and birthdays of real people and seeing if these genealogy websites could give us any real information. All the websites with a family tree building feature are GEDCOM compatible, which is the file format for saving and exporting your family.

How does it all work?

Almost every single genealogy website we tested requires a subscription to use every function but obviously we preferred the least expensive options that were still easy to use and give users a ton of resources. Most ancestry websites require you pay to use them, though we did find one free service.

Best DNA testing kit Unravel your ancestry. Best Genealogy Software of Access Genealogy Review. Roots Web Review.

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Ancestral Findings Review. JewishGen Review.

Genealogy Review. Belfast City Council holds burial records from onwards. You can search for Belfast burial records online and purchase a copy of a burial record. The council also holds records for other Belfast cemeteries. General information about individuals, including their age, address, occupation and religion, can be obtained from census records, which are compiled in Northern Ireland every ten years and made available to the public a century later.

Historical records for and can be viewed online through the NI Direct website. It consists of several hundred books including family histories of individual families, gravestone inscriptions from Belfast graveyards, surname dictionaries, army lists, clergy records and school registers. Visitors can search the index, arranged alphabetically by surname, to find family members who may have featured in a birth, marriage or death notice in the newspaper of that time.

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Many more resources can be found in the library, and you can also book one of the librarys regular Genealogy Workshops at 15 per person. Belfast Central Library is home to the largest collection of local newspapers in Northern Ireland. Ranging in date from the 18th century to the present day, the newspaper collection includes almost complete runs of the Belfast newspaper titles, as well as a large range of provincial newspaper titles from every county in Northern Ireland and some in the Republic of Ireland.

The Discover Ulster Scots Visitor Centre is a one-stop shop for all those interested in Ulster Scots culture, heritage, tourism, language or genealogy. Discover more about your Ulster Scots roots through their free genealogy research point, learn more about the historic links between Scotland and Ulster, and find out which heritage trails will lead you down the path to your ancestors. Located at Schomberg House, Belfast, the Museum of Orange Heritage offers a fantastic and interactive visitor experience about the Orange culture, as well as a research facility for those wishing to search family history within the Orange Order.

The Ulster Historical Foundation offers a range of consultations and research services, from a short consultation to an in-depth study of your family history.

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It also has a dedicated library and research centre for genealogical research which can be accessed for a daily fee of 3 and a digital research facility which can be used for 25 per hour-long session. Among the more significant items in the library is the nine-volume Dictionary of Irish Biography, which includes some 9, biographies of prominent Irish men. Researchers will also find a set of townland maps for Northern Ireland. There are loads of family things to do in Belfast this Christmas.

Read our top ideas for festive…. Find the top food events, restaurant offers, party nights, Christmas menus and places to eat in Belfast this…. Enjoy a seasonal city break in Belfast.

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Start the festive season with these Christmas lights switch-ons in Belfast, Bangor and Newtownards. Looking for something to do this weekend? Ring in the roaring 20s in Belfast! Belfast will be lighting up for Christmas on Saturday 16 November! One might encompass all direct descendants of a single figure, or all known ancestors of a living person. Another might include all members of a particular surname e. Yet another approach is to construct a tree including all holders of a certain office, such as kings of Germany.

This relies on dynastic marriage to hold together the links between dynasties. The image of the tree probably originated with one in medieval art of the Tree of Jesse , [1] used to illustrate the Genealogy of Christ in terms of a prophecy of Isaiah Isaiah Possibly the first non-Biblical use, and the first to show full family relationships rather than a purely patrilineal scheme, was that involving family trees of the classical gods in Boccaccio 's Genealogia deorum gentilium "On the Genealogy of the Gods of the Gentiles" , whose first version dates to An ahnentafel German for "ancestor table" is a genealogical numbering system for listing a person's direct ancestors in a fixed sequence of ascent:.

Apart from No. In this scheme , the number of any person's father is double the person's number, and a person's mother is double the person's number plus one. This system can be displayed as a tree:. A "fan chart" features a half circle chart with concentric rings: the person of interest is the inner circle, the second circle is divided in two each side is one parent , the third circle is divided in four, and so forth.

Fan charts depict paternal and maternal ancestors. While family trees are depicted as trees, family relations do not in general form a tree in the sense of graph theory , since distant relatives can mate, so a person can have a common ancestor on their mother's and father's side. However, because a parent must be born before their child is born, a person cannot be their own ancestor, and thus there are no loops, so ancestry forms a directed acyclic graph.

The graphs of matrilineal descent "mother" relationships between women and patrilineal descent "father" relationships between men are trees however. Assuming no common ancestor, an ancestry chart is a perfect binary tree , as each person has exactly one mother and one father, for two parents; these thus have a regular structure.

A descendancy chart, on the other hand, does not in general have a regular structure, as a person can have any number of children, or none at all. The longest family tree in the world is that of the Chinese philosopher and educator Confucius — BC , and he is the descendant of King Tang — BC. The tree spans more than 80 generations from him, and includes more than 2 million members.

An international effort involving more than branches around the world was started in to retrace and revise this family tree. A new edition of the Confucius genealogy was printed in September by the Confucius Genealogy Compilation Committee , to coincide with the th anniversary of the birth of the Chinese thinker. This latest edition is expected to include some 1. There are extensive genealogies for the ruling dynasties of China, but these do not form a single, unified family tree; and it is unclear at which point s the most ancient historical figures named become mythological.

In Japan, the ancestry of the Imperial Family is traced back to the mythological origins of Japan. The connection to persons from the established historical record begins in the mid-first millennium AD. Another very old and extensive tree is that of the Lurie lineage—which includes Sigmund Freud and Martin Buber —and traces back to Jehiel Lurie, a 13th-century rabbi in Brest-Litovsk, and from there to Rashi and purportedly back to the legendary King David , as documented by Neil Rosenstein in his book The Lurie Legacy.

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The Biblical genealogies of Jesus also claim descent from the House of David; covering a period of approximately years. In the Torah and Old Testament, genealogies are provided for many biblical persons, including a record of the descendants of Adam. According to the Torah, the Kohanim are descended from Aaron. Genetic testing performed at the Technion has shown that most modern Kohanim share common Y-chromosome origins, although there is no complete family tree of the Kohanim.

In the Islamic world, claimed descent from the prophet Mohammed greatly enhanced the status of political and religious leaders. New dynasties often used claims of such descent to help establish their legitimacy.